New Geometry Course for Talented Kids

The following is an excerpt from Geometry: Incidence and Transformations, the first of three Geometry courses in the self-paced Elements of Mathematics: Foundations(EMF) series. EMF covers Pre-Algebra through Precalculus, plus several university-level topics, with the depth and sophisitication needed to challenge and mathematically talented children. Learn more at Euclid of Alexandria (fl.300 BC) In … Continue Reading

IMACS alumnus Mark Engelberg with coding games he designed for ThinkFun

Coding Game Designer on Homeschooling Gifted Kids

The IMACS Blog reconnects with alumnus Mark Engelberg who has released three coding games through ThinkFun. Mark’s passion for computer science, math and logic led him to an award-winning career in puzzle and game design. He is also an active speaker in the Clojure programming language community. In this post, Mark talks with IMACS about … Continue Reading

Meet Terry Kaufman of Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science

By VoyageMIA StaffVoyageMIA Today we’d like to introduce you to Terry Kaufman. Thanks for sharing your story with us Terry. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. Burt Kaufman, my father, and two other co-founders of IMACS, Edward Martin and Iain Ferguson, taught from 1983-1993 in a Broward County … Continue Reading

RJ Antonello IMACS Success Spotlight

IMACS Success Spotlight: RJ Antonello

Congratulations to IMACS graduate RJ Antonello who is excelling in his studies at Caltech. RJ was an IMACS student from kindergarten through 12th grade and took every class IMACS offered, including all levels of Math Enrichment, Computer Enrichment, Hi-Tech Summer Camp, University-Level Computer Science, AP Computer Science: Java Programming, and University-Level Logic for Mathematics. With … Continue Reading

Cori Williams IMACS Success Spotlight

IMACS Success Spotlight: Cori Williams

Congratulations to IMACS graduate Cori Williams who is beginning her studies at Brown. Cori wanted to understand the fundamental concepts that make up the sophisticated theories of Computer Science. She started IMACS during the summer before 10th grade and went on to complete IMACS’ University Computer Science track and AP Computer Science: Java Programming course. … Continue Reading

Mason Janenda IMACS Success Spotlight

IMACS Success Spotlight: Mason Janenda

Congratulations to IMACS graduate Mason Janenda who is beginning his studies at Rice. As a young child, Mason excelled in IMACS Math Enrichment classes and, in subsequent years, attended several weeks of IMACS summer camps. He later completed IMACS’ university-level courses in Computer Science and Logic for Mathematics. Mason was honored by the College Board’s … Continue Reading

Snow Kang IMACS Success Spotlight

IMACS Success Spotlight: Snow Kang

Congratulations to IMACS graduate Snow Kang who is beginning her studies at Dartmouth. Snow began IMACS in 1st grade and completed all levels of IMACS Math Enrichment. She returned during high school to complete the IMACS University Computer Science track. Snow’s talents and keen interest in programming, civics, and service propelled her to 1st place … Continue Reading

Math & Computer Science Program Awards $25,000 in Scholarships to Celebrate 25 Years Serving Talented Students

By Natasha ChenIMACS Public Relations PLANTATION, Fla., July 13, 2017 – The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) celebrates 25 years of serving talented children by awarding over $25,000 in a mix of scholarships to attend its South Florida after-school program or to enroll in its online courses. From humble beginnings of just 37 … Continue Reading

Burt Kaufman: An Appreciation

Burt Kaufman, who passed away July 7, 2007, was a mathematics educator and a founding partner of the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science. The following Appreciation was produced on the occasion of his retirement in 2006. An Appreciation Burt Kaufman has retired. To those who know him, that sounds like an oxymoron. Yet it’s … Continue Reading

Gifted Math: A Better Alternative to Acceleration

Acceleration Helps, But Gifted Kids Need More For mathematically talented children, acceleration is a commonly used approach to address their need to be challenged. While acceleration can save gifted math  students from unnecessary repetition, by definition acceleration cannot go deeper than the standard curriculum, and deeper is what many of these students desperately need. Mathematically … Continue Reading

Fiona Brady IMACS Success Spotlight

IMACS Success Spotlight: Fiona Brady

Congratulations to IMACS graduate Fiona Brady who is beginning her studies at Northwestern University. Fiona first attended IMACS Hi-Tech Summer Camp when she was ten. Over the next eight years, she went on to complete IMACS’ university-level courses in University Computer Science, AP Computer Science: Java Programming, and Logic for Mathematics. Homeschooled since fifth grade, … Continue Reading

Zachary Farnsworth IMACS Success Spotlight

IMACS Success Spotlight: Zachary Farnsworth

Congratulations to IMACS graduate Zachary Farnsworth, who is beginning his sophomore year at Stanford. Zac began taking IMACS classes in first grade. Nine years later, he had completed all of IMACS Mathematics Enrichment and Computer Enrichment and IMACS University-Level Computer Science. Zac graduated valedictorian of St. Thomas Aquinas High School, but not before being founder … Continue Reading

Broward County Schools to Expand Online Math Program for Gifted Students

By Joshua BolkanTHE Journal Florida’s Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) will expand its use of an online math program for gifted students from about 40 students to several hundred over the course of the next few years. The district has been using Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF), from the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science … Continue Reading

Teen Scientist’s Foundation Sends 20 Students to Math & Computer Science Camp

Students Will Improve Science, Math & Engineering Skills in Camp By Paradise Afshar, Digital EditorWPLG 10 ( Note from IMACS: Peyton Robertson, the subject of the article below, is a long-time IMACS student, having taken IMACS classes since he was in first grade. His mom says, “IMACS creates a uniquely fun and challenging experience for … Continue Reading

Smart is Not What You Think. It’s How You Think.

There was a time when the ability to faithfully recall information was a strong determinant of success. Now we have highly-sophisticated search engines and revolutionary chatbots that speak answers to your spoken questions. What you know and think is no longer the definitive measure of being smart. What matters now and in the future is … Continue Reading

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