The IMACS program inspires a passion for math in students like no other. I loved IMACS so much as a student that I became an IMACS instructor, and now that my son is old enough, he is a part of the program as well. It's an honor to give a new generation of learners the same benefits that IMACS gave me, and I'm so thankful to see the passion it's igniting in my child.

Congratulations to Danielle Kibler from IMACS in 3rd Grade to Johns Hopkins!

Danielle began IMACS in 3rd grade taking Mathematics Enrichment . In middle school, Danielle took IMACS classes in Computer Enrichment and was inspired. She quickly progressed to the IMACS university level Computer Science course in Scheme, and by 10th grade had also completed IMACS mathematics courses in both Propositional and Predicate Logic .

In addition to taking AP exams and winning such prestigious awards as National Merit Scholar and National Student Athlete, during her junior and senior years, she demonstrated an extraordinary talent by tackling an advanced Computer Science course in lambda calculus under the guidance of a senior IMACS instructor.

Danielle graduated valedictorian at David Posnack Hebrew Day School, Florida.

Danielle was accepted by Cornell University, University of Miami, Brandeis University, Northwestern University and The Johns Hopkins University. She accepted National Merit and Bloomberg Scholarship awards to major in mathematics at The Johns Hopkins University.

Danielle had the IMACS advantage!

She chose Johns Hopkins.
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