Tech Entrepreneur Credits IMACS for Lifelong Learning and Achievement

Steve Krouse began taking IMACS computer science classes in sixth grade. Almost 20 years later, having built a successful career as a software engineer and serial entrepreneur, Steve continues to reap the benefits of his IMACS education. His latest venture, Zaplib, makes it easy to build performance-intensive applications in the browser. In today’s blog post, … Continue Reading

Yellow stars with the faces of Martin Gardner and Salvador Dali next to text reading “He wrote it! He solved it!” In a pale red box, yellow text reads: “Now it’s your turn to try...The Persistence Problem”

Can You Solve a Puzzle by Martin Gardner, the Best American Puzzler of All-Time?

Challenge yourself and your friends with this fun number puzzle. Martin Gardner was one of the most important American puzzlers and popular science writers ever. He lived from 1914-2010, and wrote thousands of fascinating puzzles in his lifetime, as well as writing a deeply important popular science column weekly for 25 years. Some of the … Continue Reading

Gifted Math Program Prepares High School Student for Undergraduate Research

Samantha Carozzi is currently an 11th grade student at Cooper City High School in Broward County, Florida. She completed all five levels of the IMACS Math Enrichment Program during grades 1-5. In middle school she started IMACS University Computer Science and was part of the second cohort of public school students to complete the Elements … Continue Reading

Six children sit in a circle with arrows and question marks between them pointing to potential connections. Text that reads “Who received a problem from whom?”

Some Kids Competing In Kangaroo Math Are Lying. It’s Puzzling.

Try this puzzle! Alexa, Barney, Cara, Dylan, Ethan, and Frances are all planning to compete in the Kangaroo Math Contest, and each week they write Kangaroo Math sample questions and answers for each other so they can practice. Each kid writes one problem for exactly one other kid, and each kid receives one problem from … Continue Reading

Gifted Math Program Launches Alumna to MIT

Isabella Yeung is a 12th grade student at Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy in Broward County, Florida. She was part of the first cohort of public middle school students to complete the Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) math program for highly gifted and talented youth. Isabella recently emailed the following update and gave IMACS permission to … Continue Reading

Text on image:

2022 AMC Math Competition Guide. Love Math? Score Better!

Everything you need to know to ace every level of the AMC competition. The American Mathematics Competition, better known as the AMC, is the first step to becoming America’s best mathlete and going all the way to the Math Olympiad. But the AMC is so much more than just the pathway to winning the title … Continue Reading

Katherine Minielly started in 1st grade

IMACS Success Spotlight: Katherine Minielly

Katherine discovered IMACS in 1st grade and went on to complete all levels of Math Enrichment and Computer Enrichment, Hi-Tech Summer Camp, university-level courses in Computer Science, and AP Computer Science A. She graduated high school summa cum laude with a 35 on the ACT and was named a National Merit Finalist and National AP … Continue Reading

EMF exposed Krisztina Tolotti to a whole new world of advanced mathematics.

EMF Opens Up a Whole World of Math for Gifted Students

Krisztina Tolotti was a top student in the EMF Math program at her public middle school. As a 9th grader, she plans to enroll in math courses at the University of Florida through the early dual enrollment program that UF offers exclusively to her school district’s EMF graduates. Upon completing EMF, Krisztina sent IMACS the … Continue Reading

A road leads to a snow-capped mountain in the distance and

Mathcounts: The Most Exciting Math Competition for U.S. Middle Schoolers in 2022.

Expand the limits of your math skills with Mathcounts! Whether you count down the days until your next math class or count down the minutes until it ends, Mathcounts is the challenge for you. Mathcounts offers the opportunity to pursue math competitively, which is exhilarating for both those who want to push themselves to the limits … Continue Reading

Robert Ferguson started in 1st grade

IMACS Success Spotlight: Dr Robert Ferguson

Robert attended IMACS from 1st through 12th grade. He completed all five levels of Math Enrichment, Computer Enrichment, Hi-Tech Summer Camp, and university-level courses in Mathematical Logic and Computer Science. Robert was named a National Merit Scholar and earned his B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Central Florida. A mathematician at heart, Robert continued … Continue Reading

Book cover of the mathematical textbook,

Discover how “About Mathematics” is Flipping the Traditional Math Textbook on its Head

A College Mathematics Text For Everyone About Mathematics, by State University of New York Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus Gerry Rising, together with three colleagues, is a new textbook that serves in particular students who have an aversion to math. The text aims to give students who wouldn’t otherwise seek out the subject the background they … Continue Reading

Image shows a chalkboard with chalk doodles. A yellow paper note reads

From Aristotle to Apple: how mathematical logic shapes the world we live in.

What is mathematical logic? What do you get when you combine math, computer science, philosophy, and linguistics? Mathematical logic! The big goal of mathematical logic is to link human language and thinking with math. In short, mathematical logic tries to understand math concepts through patterns that feel natural to your brain. Mathematicians who study mathematical … Continue Reading

A pig tells a math riddle: what did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt!

Discover how spending time on math riddles can help your child feel smarter and happier.

Why did the math riddle cross the road?  Like Mac and Cheese or an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day, silly riddles are an essential comfort of a joyful childhood. No matter how corny a riddle is, it is pure magic to hear a child shriek with laughter at the goofy wordplay and … Continue Reading

Retro style image with cats and stylized words that say,

What you’re missing: grow your child’s math skills with logic puzzles for kids.

Keep math exciting, and your kids will keep doing math. Hello, logic puzzles! Logic puzzles for kids are a great way to pique your child’s interest in mathematics since logic and math go hand-in-hand. Any time kids are engrossed in tricky brain teasers, they’re building the skills they’ll eventually use to ace the SAT, lead … Continue Reading

Albert Wang started in 1st grade

IMACS Success Spotlight: Albert Wang

Albert began taking IMACS classes in 1st grade. He excelled in all levels of Math Enrichment, Hi-Tech Summer Camp, and university-level courses in Mathematical Logic and Computer Science and was among the first middle school students in the country to complete the EMF Math program. Albert has earned all A’s including in 27 college-level courses … Continue Reading

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